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The #1 Lake Weed Control Product That Will Kill Aquatic Weeds Guaranteed

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The Lake Bottom Blanket is a non-chemical, easy to use, and extremely effective lake weed control product for lake property owners, pond owners, and anyone who has weeds in their lake that would like nothing more than to enjoy a completely weed free area to swim, fish or boat in.  It is 100% effective on sub-surface weeds and the inert material doesn’t harm the fish,  animals, or other aquatic life living in your lake or pond. You can install the Lake Bottom Blanket anytime in the growing season, and move it or remove it after 4 weeks, then store it until the next weed season. The Lake Bottom Blanket was the very first lake weed killer product of its kind; it is patented and used in over 400 lakes in over 29 states. Our lake weed control techniques  have been used in countries as close as Canada and as far away as Bahrain. The Lake Bottom Blanket has been approved for use by the DNR’s and DEP’s of California, Nevada, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington and many other states as an accepted aquatic weed killer that has successfully terminated Eurasian Milfoil, Curley Leaf Pond Weed,  Phragmites (reeds),  Lily pads, and all the submersed aquatic weeds that destroy our waterfronts.   Lake Bottom Blanket is  Completely Chemical Free so it has no lasting residual effects on the living creatures that use the water source for food.

The DeSkuzzer is a perfect tool for small pond or lake front owners who have problems with floating weeds and debris.  It is a water surface skimmer that is 5′ wide and has a 24′ rope for long throws. It is an ideal way to kill lake weeds that float on the top of the lake by simply catching them in the net, making the water weed free.

Lake Bottom Blanket- Competitor Comparison (Learn More) See why we are the best choice…

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Lake Bottom Blanket The Deskuzzer Weighted Lake Bottom Blanket

Why We Are  #1 in Lake Weed Control

Instant lake weed control, in less than 15 min. you can have a weed free swimming area. What other control method can say that?  Also:

  • It is 100% Non-Chemical, and will not harm fish, animals, or aquatic life
  • Lowest cost to own at $0.68 /sq ft. (See Comparison)
  • Installed in over 400 lakes and 29 States since 2005
  • 100% Guaranteed to kill subsurface aquatic weeds
  • Strong and sturdy enough to be walked on
  • Very easy to install as a DIY – See our installation video below
  • Designed to kill weeds and not fish!
  • US Patented Technology (#7083358)
  • The Lake Bottom Blanket is Re-usable; Quality materials that last: giving you years of professional grade control for the weeds in your lake so you don’t have to worry about the smell, look, or feel while you are enjoying the water!
  • It kills weed growth in irrigation ditches too

3 Examples of How We Have The Most Killer Lake Weed Solution Out There

  • Install it at the end of May and move it at the end of June, and if you want move it again the end of July – 3 moves/season.
  • Use it just for the weekend so you can enjoy the water by clearing a swimming area just for the time you are at the lake.
  • Install it in May and leave it in until August. Then remove and store it until the next season.
Swim – Fish – Boat – Weed Free Made in America

 International orders – CANADA- all other. All international shipments the terms are FOB.  DDU   (Delivery Duty Unpaid).  The customer is responsible for all duties and taxes that are levied by there governments at the time of delivery.

Resource pages:    Lake Weeds Information, Eurasian Milfoil,  Hydrilla, Fanwort

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